Our Story

The Barn at Back Acres Farm - Southeastern Wisconsin Wedding Venue

Once upon a time…

In the 1920s, a Polish immigrant with a dream in his heart and a glint in his eye traded his home in Oak Park, Illinois for a farm in southeastern Wisconsin. Four generations later and we’ve never looked back,

finding new purpose and meaning for The farm at every turn.

The Barn at Back Acres Farm - Southeastern Wisconsin Wedding Venue

The Barn’s wedding chapter began when co-owner Beth announced she wanted to get married at home after becoming engaged in 2010. Once parents and co-owners, Mary Beth and Wayne Adams, picked themselves up off the floor, we got to work clearing out the up-to-our-eyeballs level of clutter that had accumulated over the years since it had last been used as a working dairy farm.

After two full summers of back-breaking labor (which yielded such treasures as the wagon wheels that now serve as elegant chandelier lighting), our work was done—and the results were stunning.

As daughter and then son were married here, something along the way clicked. We realized:

we were motivated by a desire to have personalized, meaningful weddings in our own family.

And our farm was the only place where we could find the space and beautiful setting necessary to make that happen. And then we realized something else:

We wantED others to have this opportunity too.

We know firsthand what it takes to create the kind of wedding you want to have, and that it's worth the time, money, and effort you put into it when you choose the right place. And that's not only true for our own family—every wedding we've had the honor of hosting since opening up our farm to the public in 2018 has been unique and meaningful for both couples and their guests.

We have a saying in our family:

Old barns tell the best stories.

We can’t wait to see yours begin here at The Barn.


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