Exclusive Catering & Bar

The Barn at Back Acres Farm has chosen the following caterers and bar services to work with exclusively. They offer amazing menus at a range of price points.



No minimums

Minimums often drive up your cost because the venue receives 10-15% commission from the caterer based on how much you spend on food/drink. We choose not to do this because we want your selections to be as affordable or as fancy as your budget allows.


After initially allowing any caterer to come through our doors, we started to see some things we didn’t like, things that spelled disaster for our couples’ big day… We had caterers run out of food, cancel at the last minute, leave couples to clean up their messes (who wants to do that in a wedding dress?), show up late, provide unprepared or unqualified and even no event staff (read: cold or burned food, food that runs out), change seating arrangements or menus without notifying couples, and the list goes on. We know that there are other excellent caterers out there, but our couples have invested too much in their day to risk the unknown.

So we carefully selected a list of caterers who have consistently delivered to our couples. They have good food, good service, and a range of affordable options. They’ve been to our venue, they know their way around, and they like it here—all of which goes a very long way in making your day run smoothly. Like us, they’re small business owners, which we’ve found to mean that, also like us, they go the extra mile to make your day the best day.


Bar Service


Some of the caterers on our list include an optional bar package, or you can hire a separate bartending service from the list above. Both of the bartending services on our list give you the option to purchase alcohol/beverages through them or on your own—meaning, you can purchase your own beverages and utilize their bartenders for serving only.


We require use of these bartending services because they go beyond having just licensed bartenders: They have their liquor license and are fully insured, which provides liability and legal coverage for us, you, and your guests.


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